• CB-25-52-15 Ceramic Hybrid Engine Bearing

The Burris CB-25-52-15 Ceramic Hybrid engine bearings are widely used in a number of 2-cycle and 4-cycle racing engines releasing HP by reducing drag.

The expected performance gains when using ceramic hybrid bearings is approximately a decrease of 5% in bearing friction, resulting in less heat build-up and more power. Also, due to the lighter weight of the ceramic balls, the bearing speed rating is typically 25% higher than that of a steel ball bearing.


  • Typical 4-cycle applications:
  • Clone
  • Predator
  • Yamaha YF200-R1
  • GX-200
  • GX-160

  • Typical 2-cycle applications
  • Leopard
  • X-30
  • RoK TT
  • HPV

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CB-25-52-15 Ceramic Hybrid Engine Bearing

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