• GX200 / Clone Chromoly Push Rod
GX200 / Clone Chromoly Push Rod - The Burris GX200 & Clone tubular chromoly pushrods have heat treated ball ends to maintain the strength and durability necessary in a race engine. They are available to meet the requirements of virtually every builder's needs from stock to wild modified. The pushrods are priced out per single unit and each engine will require 2 pieces. Below are the various length options available: GXC-413-00 = 5.750” - Custom length 5.750” max length – cut column to desired length and install ball ends GXC-413-10 = 5.260” – standard length GX200 and Clone GXC-413-20 = 5.175” – shortened length F21-413-20 = 5.090” – shortened length F21-413-15 = 5.040” – shortened length We also have the F21-404-00 valve lifter that is a heavy duty design for cams with lobes made for greater than 1/1 ratio rocker set up. Our lifter is produced using prime material and has a large radius between the lifter head and the stem to increase strength and rigidity. Our extreme duty valve train components are designed to last where others fail. Lifter / pushrod combinations (approximate): · F21 404-00 lifter with F21-413-20 chromoly push rod = same length as stock GX200 / Clone lifter and push rod · F21-404-00 lifter with F21-413-15 chromoly push rod = stock length -.050” · F21-404-00 lifter with GXC-413-20 chromoly push rod = stock length +.085” for taller valves

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GX200 / Clone Chromoly Push Rod

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