• Predator MLS Head Gasket
Predator MLS Head Gasket - The Burris/Cometic Predator head gasket is presently available in three thicknesses: .010”, .018” & .027”. The .010” thick head gasket is a single layer manufactured using Viton coated stainless steel material. The .018” & .027” thick MLS (multi layer steel) head gaskets incorporate the latest in head gasket technology by using a stainless steel core and outer layers that are embossed and Viton coated to provide a reusable gasket with superior sealing. The various thickness gaskets are ideal for adjusting the cylinder head volume (cc’s) for both stock and modified engines, to accommodate their rules or performance parameters. The .010” gasket displaces .9cc The .018” gasket displaces 1.7cc The .027” gasket displaces 2.6cc (The above volume displacement numbers are approximate)

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Predator MLS Head Gasket

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